The Punisher

"Wha happen?"

This is the redesign of this site.

"Where's the old stuff for my FreeBSD 4.x?"

The old stuff is out of date, you should be using FreeBSD 6.x by now. The documentation for 6.x is now at a stage where extra information is not needed. So I'm not going to keep anything on here like before. The Slackware stuff is still here since people still need to know how to run Slack.

"But I want to run FreeBSD on my desktop and I need....

Buy a Mac

"So what is here now?"

Different stuff. Here's something about why my bike is better than your Japanese, German, Korean, Italian crotch rocket.
I may put up more things in a bit, when I get round to it.

ok, so whiny little bitches want to see files, here's some mixed stuff.

Links and Lynx users

Drag yourselves into the 21st Century.


Pictures from the VBMC Rally, Leesburg, VA - October 2008

Pictures from the North East Motorcycle Expo, Fredericksburg, VA - February 2007

Pictures from the International Motorcycle Show, Washington, DC - January 2007

Pictures of the Route 66 car show, Springfield, IL - September 2006

Pictures of the Route 66 car show, Springfield, IL - October 2005

Pictures of the Springfield Mile motorcycle races - September 2005

Pictures of the Mother Road car show, Springfield, IL - June 2005

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